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I saw Elushia weekly for a period of 13 sessions for help with my recovery from a combination of nervous exhaustion, anxiety/PTSD and depression. The skills I learned in our sessions have been so practical and invaluable for me in learning how to achieve a sense of safety and calm within my body and mind, allowing me to finally feel that I can rest and relax when I choose to, after such a long period of distress. It is such a relief to know I can induce the calmness myself and feel good feelings in my body, allowing myself to rest and heal at last. Such simple things as sunlight on a window and the texture of a blanket now seem so much more beautiful and precious because I can appreciate them again. Elushia is very wise, gentle and caring in her work and I highly recommend her as an SE practitioner.

Lilly, Byron Bay NSW

Working with Elushia has been a wonderful supportive experience. Her Presence is exquisite and her sense of timing and responsiveness is delicate, yet strong. I felt I was in very good hands and, since my standards are very high, this was a rare experience for me. This work has come at a crucial time in my life. Having support in embracing the fuller presence of my energy , protection and physical body has further strengthened me in order that I am able to go forward and do what I need to do as a transformational agent, a partner, a friend and a mother.

Dana, Byron Bay NSW

A session with Elusha is priceless

She has the gift of creating an opening where I can discover how it is to feel my self. As I sit with her, I become a navigator of the internal world of untapped energies which previously I had no conscious awareness of.

The sessions are subtle, ever gently Elushia shines a light upon a part of me I’ve failed to comprehend, or ignored for years. I don’t quite understand what has happens during these moments, such is the incredibly deep state where it occurs, but I do know how greatly I yearn for the feeling of what happens, touching on the core essence of my physical being – so deep in the physical it feels profoundly spiritual. My sense is this is a true healing of the very fabric of who I am in this body, I find I am remembering how to connect with myself at the deepest physical level.

Thanks to Elushia I’ve moved great strides towards being the person I’ve always yearned to be. Its as though I’m arising from a near endless sleep. I am learning to feel within, I’m connected to this body rather than being optimistically semi present and largely dislocated. I feel perfectly placed to evolve and grow as my spirit desires, and in the simplest terms I’m sleeping considerably less with no signs of fatigue. life’s challenges, even the weighty ones, I’m managing with ease.

Bruce, Byron Bay NSW

This morning I felt a wave of sadness arise and I held myself in the way you suggested, with my arms crossed across my chest. The wave rose and broke, gently leaving through my eyes and I sat waiting until it passed. When I opened my eyes, the beauty of the sunlit sky and drops of dew on the foliage caught my breath away – the world was washed clear and bright and my heart leapt with joy.

This is a wonderful way to greet the arrival of sadness!

This is after 4 sessions. The approach of gentle kindness to myself that I have experienced in the sessions and am practicing myself is a great gift.

Owen, Mullmbimby NSW

I have had ongoing issues with ‘chronic fatigue’ for most of my adult life (i’m 53). It seemed like a ‘physical’ malady, and most of the information i read confirmed this. i had many food and environmental sensitivities and avoided lots of places and situations. And it would come and go inexplicably. I started to hear myself say that i felt like a had a sort of somatic manic depression. And there was also a nagging wondering about how come there just ISNT anything ‘physically’ wrong and nor did any amount of eating doing taking the right things help.

Finally I came across Peter Levines work and the penny dropped – THIS was what it was about.

I understood that my ‘chronic fatigue’ and related sensitives were a somatic expression of trauma.

i googled chronic fatigue and SE and found Elushia. We’ve been doing sessions for nearly a year?. pretty much as soon as i understood the environmental sensitives being linked to something in the brain looking for danger they stopped . Over the time of working with Elushia my energy has slowly but surely come back. Not to the manic level – but that’s because i’ve had to pretty much re learn, with Elushias help, how to use the energy i have, the body i have, and be more aware of when its had enough –rather than waiting till i drop.

The process is extremely gentle – deceptively so. Sometimes i’d have to wonder what had been going on as it seemed like not much. And yet an hour had gone by. i am really impressed at SE’s understanding of the power of working subtly and really trust that this comes from a deep understanding of what it means to be human. working with Elushia has been a bit of a joy. I notice how my body looks forward to the sessions – that might sound weird but that’s how i experience it. some sessions seem like hard work, in a way that i don’t quite get, but they are always gentle, always held, and never stressful or in any way re-traumatising.

Charlene, New Zealand

Hi Elushia,

I’ve been noticing a difference in how I respond to situations and myself. For example, I found on the weekend Some sadness came up and I chose to feel my body and where the sadness was. It was a different experience and I guess a “slower” way of being with myself and I liked the caring-ness of it. I definitely noticed more presence and at home-ness after my sessions with you.

Blessings and thank you.

Amanda, Mullumbimby, NSW

Through the SE sessions, I have given myself deeper permission to really feel what is true for me in any given moment with a sense of curiosity and acceptance. For example: I have become aware of the deep underlying tension that I have carried, which is basically not feeling safe, that is ready to react to new circumstances. Through your sessions, I have seen it more clearly and their frequency has lessened.

Thank you, Love Delicia

I have over a period of time had several SE sessions with Elushia. I have found those sessions to be tranquil periods in which I am lead by gentle hands/words to a place of greater comfort within myself than I had expected. Elushia is clearly a natural healer and displays her skills with great compassion and integrity.

In both the verbal and hands on healing sessions I have always felt safe, comfortable and lead towards greater health. I would encourage anyone who feels that her sessions might be beneficial to explore this gentle way of healing.

Love and Blessings, John

John, Tallebudgera QLD

Working with Elushia has been subtle and profound. In my youth I gravitated toward the idea that through some sort of dramatic catharsis I would hack up this big emotional fur ball and be happy-ever-after. But I have realised, that makes as much sense as the way old cartoons cured amnesia, hit in the head … amnesia ….. hit the person in the head again … all cured. It grew to seem very unlikely that what my system needed was MORE trauma (or a process that evoked more trauma) to get it to heal.

Elushia helped me create a safe very very gentle space to explore, learn more about myself, about creating safety, relaxing, self care, boundaries. The process helped me develop new valuable skills and understandings and also helped to release some traumatic charge from my body. I’ve worked with Elushia on Skype and in person, both have felt extremely effective! So don’t let location stop you.

Bottom line: my work with Elushia has had a positive impact on my day-to-day life.

Robert, Byron Bay NSW, NYC