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The importance of taking time

Accidents happen, we fall down stairs, we slam our finger in a door or we smash our car.  How do we look after our selves in every day life when accidents happen…?

If you have been shocked your system needs time to recover and taking time is what I want to talk about here.  When your in shock or caught by surprise your instinctive response is automatic…flight, fight or freeze.  If you don’t think you need to take time or you don’t realize there is a need, it may help to build some understanding that will help you look after your self kindly.

Here is a different perspective…to think of your self as a living organism and understand you require certain things to feel safe.  The act of over riding these needs and pushing through can impact on your nervous system.

We prevent trauma by helping our nervous system recuperate its balance.  Learning to attend to and care for our inner sensory system which detects and responds to safety and danger is good self care.

A scenario

If you were walking down the street in a rush and you ran head on into someone. You hit so hard you had to sit down for a minute, to gather your self.  Perhaps the impact wasn’t so hard and you could just keep going.   More often this will be our choice out of social embarrassment we over ride our pain this is because we go into flight or fight.  We may brush off and continue on as if nothing happened.  We may say “oh I was stupid for not looking where I was going” & just go on.

 Exercises and tips to help you reconnect with your instinctive resources:

  • Stop
  • Check your surrounds to see where you are & what is happening around you.
  • Notice your breathing.
  • Consciously do a body check noticing from toes to head and all parts of your self.
  • Look around at your environment inquisitively and see all sides that you can discover, notice your breath again.
  • Notice your whole body and sensations in your body, correct your position to be more comfortable.  Notice the improvement.
  •  See if your settled and don’t rush it, give your self time. When you are your ready to move on go ahead with your day.

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