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July 5, 2021

Elushia Parker|Somatic Experiencing|Orienting Exercise 2018

July 5, 2021

Elushia Parker | Orientating Exercise

July 5, 2021

First Aid intervention for everyday scenarios

The importance of taking time Accidents happen, we fall down stairs, we slam our finger in a door or we smash our car.  How do we look after our selves…


"I was born with some physical birth defects during the 2nd world war in Europe, I had taken on the shock of people particularly my mother at my birth when she saw me. Elushia's presence and awareness of the subtle changes allowed me to feel held and I could let go of the shame held in my body."


"I trusted Elushia not to re-traumatize me. I have moved out of turning against my self and obsessive, critical thoughts to a feeling of gentleness and calmness.
Now I feel am more on a level playing field with others.
This outcome might not sound a lot but it is quite life altering for me.
Deepest thanks"


"Life threatening trauma as a child put me on a journey of handicapping pain & 30 years of sessions from many practitioners. Elushia's sensitive Somatic Experiencing healing was second to none. My body felt heard like never before... I heard it!"


"My 8 year old daughter and I saw Elushia 3x's. She employed subtle strategies paced at my daughter's level. The old behaviours of lashing out when overwhelmed have ceased & her capacity to move with change has increased dramatically. Elushia was warm and laid the foundation for a solid therapeutic relationship."


"Ground breaking stuff for me! I am dissolving the very thing that has skewed my behaviour and decision making all my life - one session with Elushia - a giant step forward for me"